Swansea Community Church is a church that meets in the “Old Fire Station”, we now call it the “Fire House”, on Fairwood Road, West Cross and in church house groups in the West Cross area of Swansea. At present the church has a membership of about twenty-five people of varying ages and backgrounds.

Three Sundays a month we meet all together at the “Fire House” with emphasis on worship, fellowship together and teaching. Our church house groups provide a place where relationships can be developed and time spent praying together and often we share meals together. Prayer is a key focus of our church.

There is also a regular monthly men’s group and women’s group meeting to share breakfast or a curry together and share experiences and teaching together in an informal environment. We also have smaller Bible study groups happening.God has placed on our hearts a developing vision of touching lives where we live, work and play; bringing mercy, grace and love into each and every aspect of life. There is a growing sense of excitement as to what God is going to do through us.

If you are interested in someone contacting you please call the office leaving a message and we will get back to you.