Rick and Mary Bea Miller

Rick & Mary have been involved with the family of Lifelink International since 1983 (when it was called Covenant Ministries, Int.) They moved to Swansea in January 2008 from their home in Memphis, TN. They were sent out from their church there and soon realized that the Lord had planned for them to stay longer than the initial 1 year commitment.

They have a heart to work with Discipleship Initiatives, Marriage Ministries, prayer and Bible Studies. Their primary call is to see the Kingdom of God expressed and extended through the everyday lives of everyday Christians. Servant leadership is a hallmark of their ministry, as is a caring, family atmosphere. They have no plans to return to the States, and have a deep love for the people and the city of Swansea.

They have 3 children, ages 21 to 34, who are still living in Memphis, and whom they miss very much………