Our network

LifelinkSwansea Community Church is part of the Lifelink network of churches, which is part of the wider Global Horizons organisation.

Go to www.global-horizons.org to find out more about Lifelink, other related churches, humanitarian projects, and Bible training.

What is Lifelink?

Lifelink is all about connections. It’s all about a group of churches across the UK, USA, mainland Europe, with relationships into South America, South Africa, India and China who have chosen to work together, supporting one another in the role God has given them in His Kingdom.  Each church that affiliates with Lifelink is unique and has its own character and mission.  They share a passion for Jesus, a devotion to the Kingdom of God and a compassion for the world.  Lifelink exists as a means for churches to communicate effectively, encourage one another, benefit from conferences and training, and support one another in seeing the advance of God’s Kingdom on the earth.

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